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Negación, from Córdoba, Argentina, just released their new single titled "Tan sedados, tan seguros" in all streaming plataforms via Electric Funeral Records.

The band is currently composed by Fabrizio Ferreira, on guitar, Matías Ezequiel Gómez (Proyecto alternativo, Sera El Fin, Fragmental, SADE) on bass and vocals, Octavio Barale (ENKI, Lenguaje De Víboras) on drums and Paulo Hell (MADD, Fahrenheit , Lenguaje de Víboras) in the voice.

Self-management is the band support, the main way that opens doors to them and allows Negación to build their way, printing our thinking and feeling, "Tan sedados, tan seguros" hence was born, who does not bow to political, social and economic coups and remains with his eyes open to reality.

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